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Re: Sideways fonts??!!

At  3:56 PM 8/18/93 -0600, osiris wrote:
>>I'm relatively new to both MCL and the Macintosh in general and am wondering
>>how the Mac handles landscaped or sideways font printing - and in particular
>>if it's possible to access them under MCL. I've looked at tech. stuff on
>>the Font Manager and NOWHERE could I find any ref. to font rotation, etc..
>>If it's not possible - then perhaps is it possible within QuickDraw, to
>>rotate a pict (ie capture text as a pict, then redraw it rotated 90 degrees).
>>thanks for any help...
>As I recall, Quickdraw will not do what you want.  I don't think that it
>provides rotations anywhere.  You could print your text to a pixelMap and
>then rotate the array yourself though.  (What a pain.)
>There is hope however.  Quickdraw GX addresses just this problem (among
>others) and should be out soon (I don't know how soon.).  It will allow
>scaling, stretching and rotating just like PostScript!

Exactly what I was about to say. The only thing I can add is some
certainty: Quickdraw definitely does not support rotations of any kind.
QuickDraw GX is still in beta.