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Some progress porting Scigraph to MCL 2.0/CLIM 1.1.
Scigraph has been loaded but signals an error
with (make-demo-frame).

The problem (I believe) is in process-run-function in
Actually there are a number of #FEATURE-CASE expressions
which are potential problems, but one at a time.
Below is code from dwim:extensions.lisp which
signals an error upon invoking (make-demo-frame).

;;;****************** code from extensions.lisp

;;;***** Should lucid-procees-run-function-hack be
;;;*****        lucid-process-run-function-hack ???

(defun process-run-function (name-or-keywords function &rest args)
  (let* ((new-args (copy-list args))		; in case of stack-allocation
	  (if args #'(lambda () (apply function new-args)) function)))
      (funcall #'mp:process-run-function name-or-keywords predicate))
      (funcall #'scl:process-run-function name-or-keywords predicate))
      (flet ((lucid-procees-run-function-hack (NAME-OR-KEYWORDS
					       &rest FNCT-LIST)
	       (let ((FNCT-NAME (first FNCT-LIST))
		     (FNCT-ARGS (copy-list (cdr FNCT-LIST))))
		 (if (consp NAME-OR-KEYWORDS)
		     (apply #'lcl::make-process
			    :function FNCT-NAME
			    :args FNCT-ARGS
		      :name NAME-OR-KEYWORDS
		      :function FNCT-NAME
		      :args FNCT-ARGS)))))
	(apply #'lucid-procees-run-function-hack
	       name-or-keywords function args))))))

;;;****************** end code from extensions.lisp

Apropos on "process" "run" & "function" did not turn up anything
I could get to work.

Any suggestions???
Thanks, Sheldon