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OOU & twist-down in app

                       Subject:                               Time:4:34 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          OOU & twist-down in app                Date:9/1/93
For a new project I plan to use code that is contributed by Richard Lynch 
(twist-down.lisp in "Lynch Lib") and requires Michael Engbers OOU module. 

Has anybody any experience in using twist-down items in a stand alone
application? What do I need to change / initialize for a stand alone

Suffering from trauma after rewriting interface code in order to build a stand
alone application recently, I guessed this time I'd better get it right from
the start (especially since the code I'm stealing does quite a lot of trap
calls and other magic not understood by me).

If there is a lot to change I'll compile the information and feed it back into

Thanks for any help, Andre