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Re: OOU & twist-down in app

>                       Subject:                               Time:4:34 PM
>  OFFICE MEMO          OOU & twist-down in app                Date:9/1/93
>For a new project I plan to use code that is contributed by  Richard Lynch     
>(twist-down.lisp in "Lynch Lib") and requires Michael Engbers OOU module. 
>Has anybody any experience in using twist-down items in a stand alone
>application? What do I need to change / initialize for a stand alone
>Suffering from trauma after rewriting interface code in order to build a stand
>alone application recently, I guessed this time I'd better get it right from
>the start (especially since the code I'm stealing does quite a lot of trap
>calls and other magic not understood by me).
>If there is a lot to change I'll compile the information and feed it back into

I believe I have written twist-down in such a way as to minimize the pain
of using it in a stand-alone application.

The only difficulty could be in the triangle icons being available and
where twist-down expects them.

This is done in the function load-triangles, and it appears that it expects
one of #4P"ccl:Lynch Lib;twist-down.fasl" or #4P"ccl:Lynch
Lib;twist-down.fasl" to be present in order to work.  They both contain the
cute little triangle icon resources with ID 3060 and 3061.

If you can live with distributing your application with a support folder
Lynch Lib with one of these files in it, that would be the easiest way to
do it.  If you can't live with such a folder, it would probably not be
beyond your capabilities to alter load-triangles in such a way that it
allows for a third possibility:  that the icons are present in an already
open resource path.  If you can't get this to work, let me know and I will
do it.

If you have any difficulties with twist-down feel free to e-mail me.  I
will do whatever I can to help.

As far as oou goes, Engber designed oou while he was here, and I understand
a fair amount of it.  If all else fails, I have his e-mail address, and I
can bug him for the parts I don't understand.

Fair warning:  twist-down gets slower and slower as the heterarchy it
represents grows!  Several users have complained that it is too slow!!

Good luck!
-- "TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu