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HELP: Comm Toolbox and Activate Events?

I'm trying to implement a new stream class which uses the Comm
Toolbox's Connection Manager as the communication channel. Things are
going well, except for one minor problem. MCL seems to get confused
when I open a connection using the Apple Modem Tool and tell the tool
to display the Modem Monitor window.

Before the Modem Monitor window gets created, everything is fine. I
have a single source window and a Listener window open. When I call
CMOpen, the Modem Monitor window gets created and a connection is
established to the remote host. I install an *eventhook* which looks
for Comm Toolbox events and passes them to the appropriate CTB routine
(CMMenu, CMEvent, CMAvtivate, or CMResume).

At this point, things start to get whacky. If the Listener window is
active, and I click in the Modem Monitor window, it (the Modem Monitor
window) becomes active. Then, if I click in the Listener window, the
Modem Monitor window stays active. Furthermore, when the cursor is
over the content region of the Listener window is rapidly changes back
and forth between an I-beam and an arrow. I can scroll the Listener
window, drag it around, and change the selection, but it never
activates. If I click in the source window, the Modem Monitor window
appears to deactivate and the source window becomes active. If I click
in the Modem Monitor window, it activates, but I can no longer
activate the source window. At this point, the Listener window is back
to normal.

I've added code to my *eventhook* to print info. whenever it sees an
activate event. When I make the Modem Monitor window active, I see the
expected behavior: a deactivate event followed by an activate event.
When I make one of the MCL windows active, the *eventhook* sees
nothing! In particular, this means that the Modem Monitor window never
sees a deactivate event. This might explain why MCL is getting

Can anyone explain what's going on here? Has anyone else managed to
get this stuff to work in MCL? Any suggestions for "finding" and
handling the deactivate event for the Modem Monitor window? Any other
words of wisdom (aside from "Don't turn on the Modem Monitor window"
that is)?

Many thanks!

							-- Scott

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