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Re: GETA Class Browser

At  9:00 AM 9/22/93 -0400, Bruce Lester wrote:
>Could the new version of the GETA class browser be uploaded to AppleLink?  I
>don't have ftp access to apple.cambridge.  (Is there a way to get to it through

You can send mail to "archive-server@cambridge.apple.com" to access
our FTP server directory. The daemon that copies files from our FTP server
to our mail server runs only once a day, so there is a one day delay from
the time that contributions are uploaded until they are available from
the archive server. The archive-server ignores the subject line in
messages. Sending it a "HELP" command will return a listing of all
the commands it understands. The following commands will probably
get you the information you want. The "index" command will get you the
exact names of all of the files in the "/pub/mcl2/contrib" directory.
Look for files beginning with "geta". You're talking to a Unix system
so CAsE mAtTErs. The "size" command causes the archive server to break
up its messages into 30000 byte chunks. This should ensure that you
don't get messages too long for your mailer to understand (AppleLink
packages up longer messages as enclosures. I don't know what CompuServe
does). The archive server runs about every 20 minutes. Internet gateways
usually add a little more time, so don't expect an instant response.


To: archive-server@cambridge.apple.com
Subject: foo
index mcl2/contrib
send mcl2/contrib/geta-browser-2.0.hqx
size 30000