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Re: font size in fred window

Excerpts from internet.listserv.info-mcl: 22-Sep-93 font size in fred
window by Jean R. Herbst@poobah.we 
> We are using MCL in our introductory AI class.  We need to increase the
> size of the font in the fred window (we are using a projector to display
> the monitor during lecture, and the font is too small (9 pt?).  We can
> change the font in the Listener window by loading the font-menus.lisp from
> the examples folder and using the EDIT menu font size option, but this
> doesn't seem to affect the fred window.  Can you help?
If you don't select any text to change, then all you are doing is
changing the font at the current insertion point.  If you want to change
existing text, do the following:

Select the window whose text you want to enlarge (By clicking in it).
Hit Command-A (or equivalently, choose select all from the edit menu).
Now use the font submenus to change the text.  They only change the
current font mark and the currently selected text.