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Re: Mark Kantrowitz's LOGI

Subject:   RE>> Mark Kantrowitz's LOGIC
We're using mcl's builtin logical pathnames with Kantrowitz's defsystem.  I
don't remember making any major changes to get it to work, but if you can't get
it to work, I'll be happy to send you my copy of the defsystem.  Perhaps you're
talking about another defsystem?

Date: 9/22/93 8:18 PM
To: Don Mitchell
From: Mark A. Tapia
To: cup.portal.com!Chewy
Subject: Re:  Mark Kantrowitz's LOGICAL-PATHNAMES?
Cc: cambridge.apple.com!info-mcl

The answer is in two parts. Yes MCL understands logical pathnames
and NO, defsystem doesn't understand them....

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