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Re: how do I give my application its own icons?

On Thu Sep 23, Sandra Loosemore writes:
  how do I install new desktop icons for my application. 
  I've looked at the binhex program in the MCL examples folder
  but I don't have a clue what is going on.
If you want to create a edit icons, you'll need to use a program like
ResEdit (Resource Editor). There is an icon for each of the following files
in the standard MCL:
Id#   Purpose
128   The application icon
129   The file icon with the page corner turned over
130   The fasl file icon
131   The file icon without the page corner turned over

For each of the icon, there are small and large versions of the icon
with the normal being large and small icons appearing when the
finder view by small icon is in effect. For each icon (small/large)
there are also three states: Normal, open and offline, and there
is a mask. Thus, each icon really is a family of icons.

The binhex file has two icon families: 128 and 129.

The binhex program uses the save-binhex function to copy resources
from the file "ccl:examples;binhex;binhex resources.rsrc" and
from the MCL program. The crucial code begins (with-open-resource-file.
Here's the comment before the code:
; The resource file contains icon ("ICN#", "icl8", etc.) resources for the
; application (id #128) and for the documents that it creates (id #129)
; and appropriate "FREF" and "BNDL" resources.
; MCL contains a resource of type "CCL2" and icon and "FREF" resources for
; a larger set of document types (ids in the range 128-132).

Hope this helps.