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font size in fred window

jherbst@poobah.wellesley.edu (Jean R. Herbst) wrote:
> We are using MCL in our introductory AI class. We need to increase
> the size of the font in the fred window (we are using a projector to
> display the monitor during lecture, and the font is too small (9
> pt?). We can change the font in the Listener window by loading the
> font-menus.lisp from the examples folder and using the EDIT menu font
> size option, but this doesn't seem to affect the fred window. Can you
> help?

There are a few things you may want to try. 

1) This sets the default font for new FRED windows:
(setf *fred-default-font-spec* '("courier" 14 :plain))

2) This makes the insertion font in a FRED window behave as in most other Mac
(defmethod view-click-event-handler :after ((v fred-mixin) where)
  "Set insertion font to match surrounding characters in FRED mixins."
  (declare (ignore where))
  (let* ((buf (fred-buffer v))
         (buf-pos (buffer-position buf))
         (new-pos (if (= buf-pos (buffer-size buf))     ;
buffer-char-font-spec barfs at end
                    (1- buf-pos)
spec buf (buffer-char-font-spec buf new-pos))))

3) If you're using TrueType fonts, you may prefer the appearance that this
gives you:
(#_SetOutlinePreferred t)
(#_SetPreserveGlyph nil)