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Re: how do I give my application its own icons?

Yes, I definitely recommend hacking your application's icons
with ResEdit 2.1.1, which is on the MCL cd-rom, at least to get
familiar with the Mac idea of file creators and icons.

Within ResEdit, open a *copy* of your MCL image, and first
open the "BNDL" resource. This shows you the map of which
file type map on to which icon families.

You will also need to set the file "creator" and "type"
for your new application and files. Look under ResEdit's
File menu for the "Get info" command, or use MCL commands
like set-mac-file-creator and set-mac-file-type.

Remember that the Finder caches the icons in a database, which
you may need to flush in order for your new icons to be noticed.
The most straightforward way is to rebuild the desktop; reboot
your mac and hold down command-option as Finder starts up.

There are some cute little apps on the info-mac repository
(anonymous ftp to sumex-aim.stanford.edu), like "Save a BNDL"
which do this in a less brute-force way.