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MCL 2.0 -> MCL 2.0.1 (was: New MCL manual)

At  7:57 AM 9/29/93 +0000, Ranson wrote:
>Is there anything in 2.0.1 besides patches p1 and p2 and the new libraries and
>examples that were released a few weeks ago ?
>     Daniel.

With my addition today of MMU3-for-IIci, the anonymous FTP server at
cambridge.apple.com now contains everything you need to turn an MCL 2.0
into an MCL 2.0.1. The patches are in the "/pub/mcl2/patches/" directory.

There are three patch files to be loaded into MCL 2.0:


The first two should be put into the "ccl:patches 2.0;" folder and
loaded with (ccl::load-patches). "cyclone-cursor-patch" must be
loaded with LOAD. More detailed instructions are in the files:


There are two resources that need to be replaced. ResEdit files and instructions
are available in the following subdirectories of /pub/mcl2/patches/:


The files "Examples-2.01.sea.hqx", "IFT-2.01.sea.hqx", & "Library-2.01.sea.hqx"
contain binhexed self extracting archives of sources files that have changed
in the "examples", "Interface Tools", and "library" folders.

The file "ptable-2.01.hqx" contains a new ptable init.

The files in the "AUX-on-quadra" and "MMU4-for-IIci" directories are NOT part
of MCL 2.0.1. "AUX-on-quadra" contains an init that will make MCL work under
AU/X on a 68040 Mac. "MMU4-for-IIci" makes MCL work correctly on a IIci with
a 68040 accelerator.