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VBLRetrace Manager: how to access A5 ?

Hello !

I'd like to install a VBL retrace task and to access to some of my globals in
it. I then have to manipulate A5. Reading it seems to be possible within MACL.
But what about Placing values in A5 ?

Here is an example of what I'd like to do:

(defrecord VBLTask
  (qLink pointer)    
  (qType integer)    
  (vblAddr pointer)  
  (vblCount integer) 
  (vblPhase integer))

(defrecord Task
  (myAppA5 longint)
  (myVBLTask VBLTask))

(defvar *time* 50)

(setq DoMyVbl
      (defpascal DoMyVbl ((register :reg))
        (let* ((CurrentA5 (rref register :regbuf.rA5)))
;;------------> Still to be done : Install :Task.MyAppA5 in :a5
          (print *time*)
          (if (zerop *times*)
            (setq *time* (1- *time*)))
          (rset MyTask :Task.MyVBLTask.vblCount 60)
;;------------->  Still to be done : Install CurrentA5 in :a5

(setq MyVBLTask (make-record :VBLTask
                             :qType 1
                             :vblAddr DoMyVbl
                             :vblCount 60
                             :vblPhase 0))

(setq MyTask (make-record :Task
                          :myAppA5 (%get-long (%int-to-ptr #x0904))
                          :myVBLTask MyVBLTask))

(CCL:_VInstall :A0 (make-record :VBLTask
                                :qType 1
                                :vblAddr (defpascal DoMyVbl ((registers :reg))
                                           (print "Coucou !"))
                                :vblCount 60 
                                :vblPhase 0)

(CCL:_VInstall :A0 MyVBLTask :D0)

(defun Stop-It () (CCL:_VRemove :A0 MyVBLTask :D0))

;;; What follows works but but can't access to globals:
(CCL:_VInstall :A0 (make-record :VBLTask
                                :qType 1
                                :vblAddr (defpascal DoMyVbl ()
                                            (print "Coucou !"))
                                :vblCount 600 ;; will print "Coucou ! in 10s
                                :vblPhase 0)

   ANY ideas ?

                                                  [Eric JACOPIN]
LAFORIA-IBP, Boite 169, 4,place Jussieu,
75252 PARIS Cedex 05, FRANCE.                          AI is a bag of tricks.