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Getting an application's name

	Hi.  When I save out a new application, it saves quite a bit
of state.  I wrote a function which checks to see if any of the
information in the saved application is obsolete, and if so, it 
reloads it.  The problem is that this method seems to be breaking
on some other people's version of MCL.  The problem code is

(def-load-pointers reload-invalid-logs ()
    (let ((application-last-saved (file-write-date (format nil "~A~A"

                   (%get-string (%int-to-ptr #$curapname))))))

	My question: is there a better way to do this?  It doesn't
have to be platform independent.  I'm just looking for something that
doesn't rely so heavily on MCL internals.

--Brian Williams