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CommToolbox Streams

I've just uploaded ctb-streams.sea.hqx to the MCL2/contrib directory
on cambridge.apple.com. This self-extracting archive contains three

     RELEASE              A copy of these release notes.
     ctb-streams.lisp     MCL stream classes which communicate using
			  the Communications Toolbox's Connection
     tiny-tty.lisp        A simple TTY window written using CTB
			  Streams and FRED windows. 

CTB Streams provide the following features:

     * Allow communication over any transport layer supported by the
       Connection Manager (e.g. Modem, ADSP, MacTCP).

     * Work with the standard Common Lisp stream commands (e.g. read,
       write, read-line, write-line, format). 

     * Correctly support "foreign" windows created by the Connection
       Tools, such as the Modem Monitor window created by the Apple
       Modem Tool. 

     * Can be configured to operate "silently" so that users don't see
       status and connection monitor windows.

CTB Streams have been tested against MCL 2.0p2 with the Apple Modem

							-- Scott

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2221 Lake Road, Suite #2
Belmont, CA. 94002                                   sstorkel@netcom.com