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Re: read

 At  4:10 PM 10/2/93 -0400, Robert Bruce Findler wrote:
 >> Error: There is no package named "RU" .
 >> While executing: CCL::%READ-FORM
 >> Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.
 >> If continued: Retry finding package with name "RU".
 >See the Restarts~ menu item for further choices.
 >1 > 
 >The form that it is balking on is:
 >(setf r (RU::open-resource-file "User:Robby:WDEF.rsrc"))
 >Is there some way I can avoid this? What is read trying to do that it
 >needs to know about the package ru, anyways?

As the error says, the RU package doesn't exist. One way to avoid
the error is to create it with DEFPACKAGE.

READ is trying to read each symbol, and part of reading is 
"understanding" which package each symbol is in.

You could use READ-LINE, to check each line for the substring "defclass".
This won't try to parse your file, which may be good (avoiding
package problems) or bad (it won't ignore commented sections, etc.)

You may want to check out xref and "@" (atsign). These are tools
for making cross-references for a body of lisp source code, and
are on the MCL 2.0 cd-rom in the "User contributed code:cross-reference"