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Re: color-parts

> > I am trying to set the :body color for 
> > 	static-text-dialog-item
> > 	radio-button-dialog-item
> > 	check-box-dialog-item
> > however, it does not work for any of them.  I wrote my own fix for
> > static-text-dialog-item, but the othertwo are a little more complex.
> > 
> > Does anyone know a fix for this?

In reply, J.R. Gersh writes:
> This sounds like a situation where one wants to have a window with a
> colored background and dialog items in it whose bodies match the
> background.
> In that case, under System 7, the active parts of checkbox and radio-button
> dialog items take on the color of their containing window's :content
> color, rather than their own :body color.
> So you have to do
> (set-part-color the-window :content the-desired-background-color)
> for the window containing the checkbox or radio-button.
> Setting the window's :content also seems to set its background-color
> as well.

I'd like to do that, I'd also like for them to be different.  However, this
doesn't work.  I thought of it and tried it, to no avail.

What I'm doing exactly is putting a buntch of dialog items within another dialog
item witch it also a view.  Sometimes I'd like the view and the window to be
different colors.  BTW, set-color also fails to work with the view.


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