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Re: color-parts

>I'd like to do that, I'd also like for them to be different.  However, this
>doesn't work.  I thought of it and tried it, to no avail.
>What I'm doing exactly is putting a buntch of dialog items within another
>item witch it also a view.  Sometimes I'd like the view and the window to be
>different colors.  BTW, set-color also fails to work with the view.

I was afraid that this might be the objective, and I don't know the answer.
Windows and dialog-items have part-color-lists, not views, so it looks like
a window containing some subviews which contain some dialog-items, all with
different background or body colors would be hard to do using MCL (i.e. no
raw toolbox calls) alone, though writing some complicated
view-draw-contents methods might come close.

For setting the "background" color of a control dialog-item different from
that of its containing window, you can, after installing the dialog item in
the window, (set-part-color <window> :content <first color>) and _then_
(set-back-color <window> <second color>). This will leave the dialog-item
in the first color, the window background in the second color. The drawback
is that the whole drawing sequence is repeated whenever the window contents
are redrawn, which looks pretty ugly.

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