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Lisp-Jobs has moved

I know this is of interest to some people on info-mcl.

The lisp-jobs mailing list is for helping people find lisp-related
jobs. If you want to subscribe or get more info, please send mail
to lisp-jobs-request@anzus.com. 

>>> Please, remember the "-request" in the name! <<<

Most internet mailing lists (including info-mcl) have a "-request" line. 
To avoid bothering the readers with annoying "subscribe me" requests, 
please try to remember to use "-request" instead!

Date: Mon, 4 Oct 93 12:45:22 -0400
From: Arun Welch <welch@anzus.com>
To: lisp-jobs@anzus.com
Subject: Lisp-Jobs has moved

Since I no longer work for the Lab for AI Research at OSU I've moved the
lisp-jobs mailing list from lisp-jobs@cis.ohio-state.edu to 
The request address for inclusions and deletions is now