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Design Intent! Product Modeler

Design Intent Software, Inc. announces release of Version 1.1 of Design
Intent!.  Design Intent! is an innovative 3D engineering tool that combines the
benefits of parametric part and assembly modeling with a powerful
knowledge-based representation.  Design Intent! models all aspects of a product
including the underlying engineering, assembly, manufacturing, material, and
cost information, along with its geometry.  As the engineer evaluates different
design scenarios, Design Intent! automatically ensures that all engineering
requirements and standards are met. For the Macintosh, Design Intent! is
implemented using Macintosh Common Lisp.
For those of you that have an interest in high-end knowledge-based design
languages, Design Intent! provides a complete CLOS based object-oriented design
language. This language includes a complete application development environment
for the advanced user.
For more information, please contact Mark Morrissey or Chip Fricke at (714)