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Re: Playing a "snd " resource f

>                       Subject:                               Time:5:24 PM
>  OFFICE MEMO          Playing a "snd " resource from disk    Date:10/5/1993
>Can anyone clue me into why this attempt to use SndStartFilePlay doesn't work? 
>When I use SndPlay instead of SndStartFilePlay, it works fine.  I ultimately
>need to allow other stuff to process while the sound is playing.
>(defun play-sound-resource (resourceID)
>  (rlet ((channel :pointer)
>           (sndChannel :sndChannel))
>    (setf (%get-ptr channel) sndChannel)
>    (#_SndNewChannel channel 0 0 (%null-ptr))
>    (#_SndStartFilePlay 
>       (%get-ptr channel)
>       0
>       resourceID
>       (#_SizeResource (#_GetResource "snd " resourceID))
>       (%null-ptr) 
>       (%null-ptr) 
>       (%null-ptr) 
>       nil)
>    (#_SndDisposeChannel (%get-ptr channel) nil)))

Well, one thing for sure, you're trashing the channel before the sound ever
has a chance...

You need to delay the last line until the sound is done...

Either create a sound channel at startup for use throughout the program, or
register the channel and its start time somewhere and periodically check:

 time has elapsed from start time so the sound has started AND
 that the channel is not busy
-- "TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu