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Re: Re- Packages

        Reply to:   RE>Re: Packages

> Okay, I see. So, is there a way to set a buffer's package? Some form,
> that when evaluated would supersede the first in-package call as far as
> setting the current package goes?

First: your problem does only exist when you evaluate the buffer, not when you
load the file. A solution to your problem will work on buffers, not on files.
If you can live with that you can use the function set-fred-package in
combination with the function front-window, e.g.

(set-fred-package (front-window) "CL-USER")
(set-fred-package (front-window) "CCL")

It is documented in chapter 12, page 361 of the manual.

Have fun with it,


P.S. I found it by using the apropos tool. Again MCL revealed itself to me for
what it really is: a terrific programming environment. Personal rating :  *****