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Re: Class Tree Browsers? [was Re: Slightly Disappointing Review...]

Joanna Bryson (jomail@ai.mit.edu) wrote:
: I'm a new user for both MCL and CLOS in general.  I had already noticed 
: that the interface builder is a bit primitive (but done right as far as 
: it goes, I'm very glad it's there!).  But the other big thing I'm missing
: right now is class tree / heirarchy browsers / editors like you get with
: Smalltalk or Center Line C++.  Am I missing something; are these available?
: For what it's worth, I am generally very happy with the implentation of
: common lisp, the documentation, and the programming environment.  Certainly
: from a CS-weenie perspective it deserves a lot more than 3 stars.

One possibility is the geta-browser which you can find in the contribs directory
on cambridge.apple.com.  I think you need to get Cartier's Contribs to go with
it.  You may also have older versions of these in the contribs folder on the