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Re: creating file with icon

First off you need to create an icon (actually an ICN#, icl8, icl4, etc.
family), a BNDL and a FREF resource. After you have designed the icon,
make sure that it has an id that is different from any of the MCL icon
families and paste it into MCL. Then Open MCL's BNDL resource. Do
"Create a new file type" (cmd-k). Then, enter the type in the edittext
on the left, and double click on the icons. ResEdit will ask you which
icon family to use. That's all the resource modification you should have
to do. (Be sure to try this on a backup copy of MCL first)

When you create your file, you will need to call (set-mac-file-type) on
it to set it to your type.

Be aware that when you run your code in other people's copies of MCL,
the files created will have the standard document icon, not your new
icon, unless you modify their copies of Lisp. It is possible to change
the resources of MCL directly in Lisp, but I wouldn't reccommend this
approach. You can give people your code and a resource file, and with
judicious use of the resource manager, copy your resources overtop of
the ones in MCL.
Robby Findler                                               robby+@cmu.edu
Carnegie Mellon University    Pittsburgh, PA                  412 681-4552