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Interrupts in Lisp! (correction)

[Second try. I got the file name wrong the first time]

Well I finally spent a couple of late nights doing something I've
wanted to do since I heard about it from the Smalltalk Agents people
at WWDC. Interrupts in Lisp! Well, not exactly. The Lisp code
doesn't run at interrupt time, and the latency appears to be about
400 microseconds (on a IIfx, if MCL is the active Multifinder process),
but it gives a hook for people who need completion routines, don't
want to write C, Pascal, or assembler, and don't have severe real-time

The code is available for anonymous FTP from cambridge.apple.com
in the file "/pub/mcl2/contrib/define-interrupt-handler.lisp".
Documentation and examples are included.


Bill St. Clair