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Availability of CLIM under MCL2.0 in Italy

 >From: giorgio@udmi5400.cineca.it     (Giorgio Brajnik)

 >We've been looking hard during the last few weeks for an Italian firm
 >selling CLIM under Apple's MCL2.0. Apple dealers we contacted are not
 >knowledgeable about it.
 >What should we do in order to be able to buy it? Do you know who is
 >responsible for the Italian distribution, if any?

CLIM is sold by Lucid, not by Apple.
For more information about CLIM, please send mail to 
clim-request@bbn.com, or contact Lucid at:

        Lucid, Inc. 
        707 Laurel Street,
        Menlo Park, CA 94025 U.S.A
        1-415-329-8400 (phone)
        1-415-329-8480 (fax)
        1-800-843-4204 (toll-free in the USA)