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Re: Future of MCL on power PC

In article <9310192120.AA17078@relay1.UU.NET> Don Mitchell,
dhm%proact@uunet.UU.NET writes:
>What, if anything, are the plans for a native power PC implementation?
>Who should I talk to at Apple to find out how we can help justify
>an implementation?

 I just logged on to ask the same question! We are doing research using
MCL which will span another 2+ years. As our work relies on fpu
performance the PowerPC looks like a great platform in native mode.

MCL is a great environment, I hope it is moving to PowerPC.

Malcolm Pradhan
Section on Medical Informatics
MSOB X-215, Stanford University, CA, 94305
pradhan@camis.stanford.edu  (415) 725-3398