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Re: Future of MCL on power PC

At 15:09 19/10/93 -0600, Don Mitchell wrote:
>Subject:   Future of MCL on power PC
>What, if anything, are the plans for a native power PC implementation?
>Who should I talk to at Apple to find out how we can help justify
>an implementation?

Let's dream a bit, out of any technical constraints:

It would be super to have MCL run on the PowerPC under ... more than one
OS...  I mean MCL on MacOS/PowerOpen is great.  MCL on Windows on PowerOpen
would be even better.

I'd love to develop code in MCL that would run both in the Mac and Win
environments...  MCL is a great product, couldn't it be the FIRST
crossplatform dev env?  Before Bedrock...  And with CLIM 2.0, we would also
have the best Interface Manager cross platform!  Maybe it could be the
first clim on a lisp for win...

Let's not be small when we dream...


Vincent Keunen
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