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RE: MCL wish list

In article <CONVERSE.93Oct22153053@sloth.uchicago.edu>, Tim Converse writes:

>>One big wish:  smaller executables.  I'd love to be able to deliver Mac apps
>>in MCL where I now have to use C++ because of size.
>So how small an executable can the current version of MCL deliver?  
>I.E. 1) how small can a "Hello, world" standalone app be, and
>     2) how quickly does the size of the app rise as you use 
>             more of the language?

I'm not sure about the answers to these questions.  I think the minimum app is
around 1.5-2 MB on disk with an app partition size of around 2MB.  Anybody else
know the skinny here?

In article <ogmAGg600WBMAENoIl@andrew.cmu.edu>, Blaine (via Michael Burks)

>Maybe when MacDylan comes out, this will be a more tractable problem -
>the development team will (hopefully) have small executable size as a
>goal from the outset.

I hope that Dylan implementations on the Mac have small executables, too.  I
still would, however, like to create smaller executables for MCL.  I hope the
MCL team can let me know if this is a pipe dream.  Thanks.

Dave Lucky