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WANTED: C-2-Lisp converter/Numerics in Lisp

Hello all,

does any kind soul out there know of a C-2-Lisp converter similar to
"f2c" for FORTRAN-2-C ?

The problem is, that in a Lisp application (the particular dialect does
not matter) I have to get the simultaneous zeros of two (complicated)
functions of two variables.
I have solved this readily in C with a 2D regula-falsi method - no
problem. But I shiver when thinking about converting this code to Lisp
manually. Any suggestions, hints other than a C-2-Lisp ?

BTW, I'd prefer email replies and will then post a summary.

Thanx in advance,

MARKUS E. LAUTENBACHER,         | phone: +49/89/3209-2387
Technical University Munich,    | fax:   +49/89/32092296
Physics Dept.-Theo. Physics T31,| Internet:
D-85748 Garching, Germany       | lauten@feynman.t30.physik.tu-muenchen.de