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Problems with IIsi and MCL 2.0


I've been working with MCL 2 for only several days but am having a set of
problems with it that make me want to demand a refund.

1. With standard 5mb ram, and my Mac monochrome monitor set for 16 greys,
the FRED and LISTENER help windows will "underlap" at the bottom of the screen
and the part chopped from the bottom, appears over the menubar at the top of
the screen. Additionally, a small (1.8") band at the bottom of the screen
is unusable or will not allow windows... to be visible when in that band.

These symptoms disappear when changing to 256 greys or when boosting into 
virtual memory (to 7mb). I have been running in 32 bit mode.

2. When attempting to print from FRED or the LISTENER, I will regularly 
receive a crashed "unknown" application for "TYPE 1 error". After this crash,
my control panels are damaged and must be replaced from the original Sys 7.0.1
set (with tuner 1.1.1).

These occur with and without virtual memory and in or out of 32 bit mode.
In either instance, MCL is *always* given its requested memory allocation
of 3072.

Please getback with me so I can get to work!


Texas Tech University
Home of the 1993 NCAA champion Lady Raiders Basketball Team! (and me...)