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Problems with IIsi and MCL 2.0


In addition to my previous message about MCL and my IIsi --

After printing from FRED (if it did crash), the FRED window is visible, but
not accessible... (eg:

	1. The mouse does not recognize it as a window.
	   a. No "I" beam cursor
	   b. Cannot close or move the window 

	2. If I move the LISTENER window over it an back, the FRED window 
	   is not redrawn.

	3. If I go back to the finder (sys 7.0.1 multifinder) and open another
	   window that overlays FRED or the LISTENER, the MCL windows will
	   "show through" the finder window.

	At this point either the finder or MCL crashes and takes everything
	down with it in a "bad F line instruction." I can't say for sure but
	I don't think I have a problem with the hardware/firmware in the Mac.
	Have these problems been reported and if so, what can I do to get
	back in the game?