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Update on IIsi vs. MCL


Many thanks for all the on-line assistance today! (10/31/93)

To update on several points:

1. Yes Fred, VAXen can be a tough language to get on with...

   But the assistance from Ernest T Rees was right on. I had to receive the
   file with another name (didn't even know that you could do that with the
   VAX... <no surprise there> as I tell my students; "It's a never 
   ending battle against knowledge!").

2. After retrieving and installing the 2.0.1 updater (they're RIGHT, it 
   takes a while <or at least several whiles...> I no longer experience
   the printing problems <one small step...>.
    a. The screen mapping problem still exists for 16 colors/greys and below.
       but as before, is correct with 256 colors/greys.
    b. I can no longer use virtual memory with MCL 2.0.1. 
       When attempting to launch the app with VM enabled, it crashes the system
       with an:
        			ERROR TYPE 7
       and a very ominous looking bomb dialog  =:-o (hair standing on end).
       ** After starting the machine with extensions disabled, and having
       success, I tried systematically removing each of the extensions 
       alphabetically but could not isolate which of them was/is causing the
       I'm no expert, but it's been my observation that the lower the error
       code, the "lower level" is the problem. From this I can guess that 
       either my memory extension is bad or that MCL 2.0.1 missed one problem
       (in light of this I expected that replacing the memory extension
       would correct the problem, but doing so was not successful).
       Each of these problems occur in 24 or 32-bit mode.

3. I *am having success* in running MCL 2.0.1 without virtual memory, using
   the 2.0.1 "ptable" extension and in 32-bit mode.


I noticed this next issue before, but didn't know if it was caused by the 
printing problems I was having with MCL 2.0, but it still occurs in 2.0.1.

When printing, there is no "annunciator type" dialog box that tells of the
printing process and to "press command-. to cancel" the print job. I may be
mistaken but it seems as though this dialog appears as part of all other Mac
applications... (that I use).

Should this printing dialog appear? It's probably a fairly trivial procedure
to write, but nontheless ... <as I shrug>.

As I sit, I *can work* in MCL 2.0.1 (as far as i've tried at least) but am a
little frustrated by the compromises forced upon me. 

I'd appreciate your comments and further advice.

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