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Re: What is that thing...

At 10:11 PM 11/2/93 -0500, Don Winiecki wrote:
>I know I have better things to do but...
>What is the MCL icon supposed to represent?
>My guess is that it's supposed to be a "brain" and a "symantic network"
>transposed over it.
>One of my cohorts looking over my shoulder (this guy prefers Pascal <shudder>)
>said it looked like "An Elm leaf with vericose veins." I'm young enuf to not 
>be able to remember any Elms (other than the BIG stump in my parents front 
>yard) so I have to accept his analogy.

It's a piece of coral. MCL was Coral Common Lisp before Apple bought it.
This explains the CCL package's name as well.