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change of address

        I'm not sure if you use the alias to my mail account
sdobbs@ai.uwf.edu) or my real account (sdobbs@trivia.coginst.uwf.edu), but
if you use the address at trivia, will you please change my address to
sdobbs@picayune.coginst.uwf.edu, as this is our new mail server.

Thank you

Steven Dobbs <sdobbs@ai.uwf.edu>
Institute For Human and Machine Cognition
University of West Florida
Pensacola, Florida

Nihil simul inventum est et perfectum (nothing is ever simulateously
invented and perfected) latin proverb.  -me, regarding the Newton

**please note my new address is sdobbs@picayune.coginst.uwf.edu, not
sdobbs@trivia.coginst.uwf.edu.  The alias sdobbs@ai.uwf.edu should still
work, but that may be subject to change