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Re: DEFSYSTEM (Was: Re: Managing large LISP code)

In article <MARCOXA.93Nov3102006@butsomi.cs.nyu.edu> marcoxa@butsomi.cs.nyu.edu (Marco Antoniotti) writes:

   I would like to see the MK DEFSYSTEM offered by the Lisp vendors as a
   standard tool. 

Why? People don't expect their C compiler vendors to pre-build every
bit of net.software, people don't expect their OS vendors to pre-build
every bit of net.software, but for some odd reason everyone expects
the Lisp vendors to do so, and to provide updates. This is generally
followed by bitches about the Lisp distribution being bloated or too
expensive. Recompiling the LispUsers distribution for a new release
used to take me 2 weeks when I was at the LAIR, until I got smart and
stopped distributing the compiled versions. Life is much easier now.

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