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Re: MIDI from MCL?

Tobias Kunze (tkunze@mvax.kgw.tu-berlin.de) wrote a very good  
interface to the Apple Midi Manager for Common Music. Common Music  
supports real time and file based Midi processing on the Mac, as well  
as on the NeXT, SGI and (soon) 486. Common Music also supports Music  
Kit, CSound, Common Lisp Music and Common Music Notation.  You can  
get Common Music via anonymous ftp from either ccrma-ftp.stanford.edu  
or ftp.zkm.de in the file cm.tar.Z. See the README, tutorial and  
midi.rtf for more info.  A graphic version of Common Music for  
MCL/Mac is currently being implemented.

Rick Taube
Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie
hkt@zkm.de, hkt@ccrma.stanford.edu