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Dead keys?

In the course of reorganizing my Lisp init, I came across the "deprecation"
of (set-dead-keys) and the suggestion to use one of various KCHR's posted
around the net to achieve the same purpose.  (In the immortal words of the
Mac Common Lisp Reference DocViewer documentation, "A number of freeware
and shareware keyboard layouts are available for this purpose.").  I have
just tried copying the "US Live" KCHR from Mac Gambit into a clean MCL
2.0.1, but it appears not to have any effect.  E.g., m-e is still eaten as
a dead key and puts an accent over the next vowel, and m-u must be typed
twice to uppercase the following word.  I don't know where else to find
such a KCHR, or whether one needs to do anything other than simply copy it
into the MCL application with ResEdit (i.e., how does MCL decide which KCHR
to use?).  Pointers appreciated.

--Pete Szolovits