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Re: Dead keys?

At 11:29 AM 11/9/93 -0500, Peter Szolovits wrote:
>In the course of reorganizing my Lisp init, I came across the "deprecation"
>of (set-dead-keys) and the suggestion to use one of various KCHR's posted
>around the net to achieve the same purpose.  (In the immortal words of the
>Mac Common Lisp Reference DocViewer documentation, "A number of freeware
>and shareware keyboard layouts are available for this purpose.").  I have
>just tried copying the "US Live" KCHR from Mac Gambit into a clean MCL
>2.0.1, but it appears not to have any effect.  E.g., m-e is still eaten as
>a dead key and puts an accent over the next vowel, and m-u must be typed
>twice to uppercase the following word.  I don't know where else to find
>such a KCHR, or whether one needs to do anything other than simply copy it
>into the MCL application with ResEdit (i.e., how does MCL decide which KCHR
>to use?).  Pointers appreciated.

MCL gets the KCHR effectively as follows:

   (#_GetResource "KCHR" (#_GetScript #$smRoman #$smScriptKeys))

Hence, as long as your KCHR resource has the correct ID (0 on
my system), MCL should find it.

To see exactly what't going on, see the functions EVENT-KEYSTROKE
and GET-KCHR-COPY in the file:

   MCL 2.0 CD:Additional MCL Source Code:level-1:l1-edcmd.lisp