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IIsi vs. MCL {The patch works !!}

At 4:05 PM 11/9/93 Don Winiecki responded to Kalman Reti:

re: IIsi vs. MCL

>>[ ... ]
>>Yes, thanks.  It is definitely a bug, I'm working on developing a workaround
>>for you. However, I'm not going to be in the office much today, so it might
>>be another day or two.
[ ... ]
>>>Awaiting results of your efforts. Thanks for the support! (a very plesant
>>You're quite welcome. (Reti)
>OK, I have a workaround for you that I'd like you to test.  This isn't the
>final patch, i.e. it won't work on all machines, but should work on yours.
>(I don't have access to an si, so I can't be 100% sure, which is why I need
>you to test it).
>You'll need to make a copy of your MCL, then run the original, load the
>attached file, then invoke the function PATCH-CI-SI on the copy.  If 
>everything works as I expect, that copy will then run under VM on your si.
>Let me know what happens and thanks for your patience.

"Amazing!" said Ahern (A THINK Pascal thrasher, and my doctoral advisor...).
"You got the patch ALREADY?!" said Means (a Borland C++ junkie...).

These comments express the shock of others, who predicted I was hung forever
from using MCL on my IIsi.

However, from the fast responses of Bill & Reti at 
"info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com" to my reports of V-M conflicts, I would have 
been surprised otherwise!

Yes, Reti! the patch works on my IIsi !!!!!

Now running 9MB memory (5MB installed RAM + 4 MB v-m) with your patch

I'll keep the debugger active for awhile and keep you informed of any 

~ Mucho gracias, senior ! ~
~ Mambo thanques, bud !   ~

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