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Apple job postings

Date: 11 Nov 93 02:14 GMT
From: PAQUIN@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Paquin, Greg)
Subject: Apple job postings

 Please post to you mailing list.
Greg Paquin
Positions Available, Apple - Multimedia Engineers - PIE Division
PIE is the Personal Interactive Electronics Division of Apple and has already
delivered the Newton Message Pad and the PowerCD.  You can be part of even more
innovative technology soon to be delivered.
We have two positions for which you may be considered depending on your skills
and experience.  While these positions may not directly involve Lisp
programming, object oriented dynamic language experience is highly relevant.
You will be responsible for analysis, design, development, and delivery of
multimedia authoring tools and systems.  Qualified candidates will have
extensive skills and experience in several of the following areas:  object
oriented analysis, design and programming; scripting and dynamic languages;
object oriented frameworks; direct manipulation user interface design and
construction; time dependent media modeling and implementation; application
of multimedia tools to specific disciplines, especially creative arts;
carrying software projects from initial analysis to product delivery; and
working with users at all stages of tool and system development.  Useful
additional experience includes work with multiple programming languages,
animation, interactive TV, CD-ROM authoring and existing multimedia tools.
BS/MS preferred, or equivalent relevant experience.
To apply for these positions....send your resume to:
Apple Computer, Inc.
20525 Mariani Ave. MS: 75-2CE
Cupertino,  CA  95014
Attn:  Greg Paquin
or Fax to 408-974-5957
or E-Mail to Paquin@Apple.Com
Principals Only, no phone calls, please.
Apple Computer has a corporate commitment to the principle of diversity.
In that spirit, we welcome applications from all individuals.