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Re: problem with dialog-item border-p

At  1:47 PM 11/9/93 -0800, Daniel Berger wrote:
>I found the following problem - is it a bug?
>I create a window and add a button-dialog-item (with border-p nil):
>(setq win (make-instance 'window)
>(setq btn (make-instance 'button-dialog-item
>            :dialog-item-text "test"
>            :view-container win
>            :border-p nil))
>The button appears with no border.  I then disable the button:
>(dialog-item-disable btn)
>The button is disabled, but the border appears!
>If I have the window redrawn (cover and the uncover the window),
>the border goes away.
>(The problem occurs with both enabling and disabling.)
>Is this a bug?  Do I have to hack "dialog-item-disable" (i.e. add an
>invalidate-view or something somewhere)?

This is a bug. It also happens with press-button, dialog-item-enable,
and set-dialog-item-text. If you want a patch, ask for