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mcl features

   I am prospecting for a lisp implementation on an affordable
computer.  Could you answer a couple of questions about mcl?  

1) What is the maximum virtual memory size with which it is reasonable
to run mcl?   I saw a reference by  someone in comp.lang.lisp.mcl to a
150MB image  size.  For the  sake of discussion,  let's assume  I have
32MB of RAM.  Ideally, I would be interested in images as large as
200MB.  Is this possible or realistic in mcl?

2) Does mcl support multitasking?

3) Can you provide any  rough comparisons of  the speed of mcl running
on a   top-of-the-line apple computer  vs.  some other common  (but of
course more  expensive)  hardware/software  combinations,   such as  a
Sparc2 running  Franz,   or one of  the    Symbolics computers running

Thanks very much.