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Re: problem with windows

  Do ALL your drawing within a view-draw-contents for this window.  Let
the system call the method when it determines something needs to be 
drawn (even when you first create it, let the system decide that it
needs to be drawn).  What you are seeing is the system clearing the window
and trying to draw the contents according to it's view-draw-contents.

(defclass special-window (window)
(defmethod view-draw-contents ((self special-window))
  (with-fore-color *red-color*
    (move-to self 0 0)
    (line-to self (view-size self))
    (move-to self (point-h (view-size self)))
    (line-to self 0 (point-v (view-size self))))
  (with-fore-color *blue-color*
    (move-to self #@(50 50))
    (format self "Hi there")))

(make-instance 'special-window :color-p t :window-title "Test")

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