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Re: Write PICT file

On Wed Nov 17, Bill St. Clair provides a method for writing
a picture to a file, in response to a request by JIQIAN PAN.

There is a very clean interface in oodles-of-utils, available
by anonymous ftp from cambridge.apple.com. After you have
unbinhexed the file and de-archived it, the file is in
oodles-of-utils/brutal-utils/PICT-u.lisp. The package provides
functions for reading a picture from a file and for writing 
a picture to a file (write-picture-to-file). It also contains
functions to retrieve the picture information.

Michael Engber wrote very useful routines in oodles-of-utils
for doing a variety of tasks. The code arose during the development
of pprograms for North Western University Institute for the Learning Sciences.