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line height in editable-text-dialog-items

I need some help!

When I execute (set-view-font view font-spec), with view an instance of
editable-text-dialog-item, the line height of the view will always
increase to accomodate larger font sizes, but will never decrease.  E.G.,
changing the font from ("Helvetica" 12 ...) to ("Helvetica" 24 ...)
will increase the line height to fit the 24 point size, but changing back to
the 12 point font will leave the line height at the lare size.

This behavior will occur whether or not there is text (other than "") in the 
view at the time the call to set-view-font is executed.

Since the text in my view is all of the same font spec, I definitely need
for the line height to be reset.  I would appreciate any help that can be 

Thanks in advance!

Marty Kenner