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Re: Trouble with 2.0 -> 2.0.1 updater

On Friday 19 NOV, Bobby yee writes:
> I downloaded the updater, and I did what the *README* file says.  But,
> when MCL tries to load the faster-make-instance-patch, my computer
> hangs and MCL won't let me do anything...
> Now:
Bobby describes three possible causes, including the crucial #3:
> 3.  Could it be the fact that I'm trying to patch a p2 version of MCL
> 2.0?

Yes, this is likely the cause. The instructions in the *README* file
specifically state with my emphasis added:

Start up an MCL 2.0, *as* *distributed* (e.g. *no* *patches*). In the Listener, execute:

(load "hd:mcl 2.0 -> mcl 2.0.1:make-201")

Wait for it to finish and prompt you with a dialog. Click the "OK" button
in the dialog (or type <return>). Wait for MCL to save the MCL 2.0.1

Start up MCL 2.0 (*THE UNPATCHED VERSION*) again 
(*not* the new MCL 2.0.1), and execute:

(load "hd:mcl 2.0 -> mcl 2.0.1:make-201-part-2")


moral: It pays to keep the unmodified, unpatched version of a release!