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Re: Trouble with 2.0 -> 2.0.1 updater

"Mark A. Tapia" <markt@dgp.toronto.edu> writes:
> On Friday 19 NOV, Bobby yee writes:
> > I downloaded the updater, and I did what the *README* file says.  But,
> > when MCL tries to load the faster-make-instance-patch, my computer
> > hangs and MCL won't let me do anything...
> > Now:
> Bobby describes three possible causes, including the crucial #3:
> > 3.  Could it be the fact that I'm trying to patch a p2 version of MCL
> > 2.0?
> Yes, this is likely the cause. The instructions in the *README* file
> specifically state with my emphasis added:
> Start up an MCL 2.0, *as* *distributed* (e.g. *no* *patches*).

Hmmm...I thought you could modify the patched version, becuase in a
pervious message Bill St. Clair wrote:


If you did not use this archive to do your update, I suggest that
you get that file and use it for the update. It fixes both the
documented size of the new MMU3 resource and the problem with the
version string. The auto-update procedure expects to be run in an
"MCL 2.0" as distributed. If you want to install it into "MCL 2.0p2"
you can comment out the following two lines in the file "make-201.lisp":

             (load (merge-pathnames "mcl2.0p1.fasl" *update-dir*))
             (load (merge-pathnames "mcl2.0p2.fasl" *update-dir*))

So, could someone tell me if you can or can't modify a perviously
patched version?

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