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Re: line height in editable-text-dialog-items

In article <9311191457.AA28090@aspen.mmm.com> Marty Kenner,
makenner@mmm.com writes:
>I need some help!
>When I execute (set-view-font view font-spec), with view an instance of
>editable-text-dialog-item, the line height of the view will always
>increase to accomodate larger font sizes, but will never decrease.  E.G.,
>changing the font from ("Helvetica" 12 ...) to ("Helvetica" 24 ...)
>will increase the line height to fit the 24 point size, but changing
back to
>the 12 point font will leave the line height at the lare size.

To do that you have to call buffer-remove-unused-fonts (maybe followed by
fred-update) on your fred-buffer, after having changed the font (of the
buffer) to a smaller size. You can read about this in the chapter
the Editor" or so in the MCL manual.
Paul Meurer
Universitetet i Bergen
Matematisk institutt
Allegt. 55
N-5007 Bergen, Norway

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