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That's "Finite Memories Considered Harmful" (was: Re: Is there...)

...as in MIT AI Memo 514, _Design of LISP-based Processors, or SCHEME: A
Dielectric LISP, or Finite Memories Considered Harmful, or LAMBDA: The
Ultimate Opcode_ by those two very fine fellows Guy Lewis Steele, Jr. and
Gerald Jay Sussman, back in March 1979.

There were two earlier titles that may have had an effect upon this title:
AIM 379, _Lambda: The Ultimate Imperative_ by Guy Lewis Steele, Jr. and
Gerald Jay Sussman (March 1976), and AIM 379, _LAMBDA: The Ultimate
Declarative_, by Guy Lewis Steele, Jr. (November 1976).


PS:  Oops!  I thought it sounded strange as soon as I hit the send keys...
This was an excellent example of using the Internet as a storage medium.
These refs are from two files I just pulled down to satisfy my curiosity: